Hay quienes tienen textos, libros, apuntes, notas. . . manuscritos... aquí se encuentran los que denomino : " LOS MALESCRITOS " .

Son, embrionarias notas sueltas, apuntes de viajes y otros.

Desordenadas/os deliberadamente , sin pretensiones de poética alguna, están aquí " porque se salvaron de la papelera de reciclaje " .

Forman parte de la pintura también.



lunes, 17 de junio de 2013


E X P L O R I N G    L I M I T S


Even  though the main nucleus of my work is painting,  in the last ten years  the production strategies I have used have been oriented toward different  forms of expression : installations, ambientations, photography, actions and digital photo-performances, are some of the territories my work has explored.

Painting  as a direct expression constitutes for me, even today, the most immediate medium to transpose emotions and sensations about lived experiences with intensity since, in painting, the connection desire-gesture-material reduces to zero the manipulation of the image. However, far from rejecting  the mediations the « techno-culture » offers, I have incorporated, following my needs, other possibilities, such as the figural actions and the digital photo-performance.

The figure, or better yet, « the figural » (which is not necessarily that wich is figurative) is the inevitable support  of  the signifying  chain of a body that wants to be vital language. And which is materialized in the paths and in the temporality of the traces, the signs, the gestures, the incisions and the marks, fragmented or not, of the inventions within the picture plane.  This process of materialization initiated a sort of Embrionary Figuration for an up-to-date image of the human figure, which was esentially in a state of permanent gestation. This, in turn, created the problem of keeping oneself in a realm that was not that of the concluded, finished , or closed form. It demanded from me the extreme effort of maintaining a balance  between the possible forms of apprehension and the content of the work. As a result, I have encountered paradoxes, contradictions, and an ongoing alteration and change of the works  formal unity  that s hould not  be considered as the resultof  the destructions of the ´80s and of my participation in the young Neo-Avant-Garde in Northern Europe ( 1985-1991), but as simple doubts and questions marks regarding my means of expression.

Given all this, a slow pace and an increasing  difficulty became factors to be taken into account and respected at the time of the execution of the works . A wide range of elements and experiences tangential to the artistic language were visited in the different media used, in order to recognize, explore and push, on one hand the limits of that which is contingent and ephemeral ; on the other, that wich the will of form tends to try to maintain as permanent, fusing or challenging borders and limits between genres and languages in order to always maintain the possibility of a meaning  and latent sense behind the process and materializations, in images that are grave, erotic, warm and sensuous, austere or simply brutal.

Guillermo CUELLO

An exhibition and publication of the Daura Gallery. This exhibition is made possible through the generous support of the Virginia Commission for the Arts and the National Endowment For the Arts. Va. USA. Curator : Gustavo Fares.